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Ocean Technology Systems - Urgent Safety Notice

Guardian Full Face Mask Possible Exhaust Diaphragm Problem

November 12, 2010  Full Face Mask
Oceanic Worldwide Announces Voluntary Recall of FDX-10 & CDX-5  Regulators  October 27, 2007 Regulator    
AERIS Announces Voluntary Recall of AT-400 First Stage Regulators  October 23, 2007 Regulator    
Aqua Lung Safety Notice on Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.) October 9, 2007 BC Accessory
M&J Engineering Recalls Swivels for Scuba Diving Masks Due to Drowning Hazard August 29, 2007 Swivel    
Innovative Scuba Concepts Recalls Diving Regulator Components (Swivels) May 31, 2007 Swivel    
Aqua Lung issues Safety Notice for Apeks Regulators May 22, 2007 Regulator
Kirby Morgan issues Safety Notice for Helmet Shells (including SL-17Bs) - Unauthorized Modifications March 1, 2007 Dive Helmet
AERIS EPIC Wrist Watch Dive Computers February 12, 2007 Dive Computer
Oceanic Worldwide Announces Voluntary Recall of ATOM 2.0 Wrist Watch Dive Computers February 12, 2007 Dive Computer
Petzl M34 BL Am'D BALL-LOCK and M36 BL WILLIAM BALL-LOCK carabiners October 18, 2006 Carabiners    
Scubapro Recalls MK 20 Scuba Regulators for Service October 2, 2006 Regulator    
Halcyon Voluntary Recall of Select Explorer 40 BC's August 31, 2006 BC    
Suunto Dive D6 & D9 Computers Recalled July 19, 2006 Dive Computer

Oceanic Recalls Versa Pro 2A Dive Computer June 22, 2006 Dive Computer
Scubapro X650 Diving Regulators Recalled June 7, 2006 Regulator    
AMER-SEA and Life Guard Systems BC inflators April 18, 2006 BC Inflator    
Aqua Scout Recalls Aqua Scout Water Scooters September 2, 2005 U/W Scooter    
M & J Engineering recalls Swivel used on AGA Masks August 11, 2005 Swivel
Kirby Morgan Dive Systems issues Safety Notice for One Way Valve (Helmets & Band Masks) July 12, 2005 Dive Helmet & Band Masks
Halcyon Stainless Steel Power Inflator Recall June 21, 2005 BC Inflator    
Cressi-Sub Recall of SCUBA Buoyancy Compensators February 23, 2005 BC
Head USA Inc. Recall of SCUBA Diving Computers (Dacor Darwin Computers) February 22, 2005 Dive Computer    
Suunto D9 Computer Recall December 15, 2004 Dive Computer
SCUBAPRO Recall of Converter Kit (Air 2) December 9, 2004 Alternate Air Source
Ocean Management Systems Recall of SCUBA Manifolds November 17, 2004 Manifold
Halcyon Manufacturing Recall of SCUBA BC Inflators September 2, 2004 BC    
Pelagic Pressure Systems Recall of SCUBA BC Inflators September 2, 2004 BC
Oceanic Reliant BC Power Inflator June 24, 2004 BC Inflator
Aqua Lung issues notice on ABS Octopus regulator April 8, 2004 Regulator    
Recall of Sea & Sea DX-3100 Aquapix Camera April 7, 2004 U/W Camera    
Aqua Lung issues Safety Notice for Powerline oral inflation hoses on BCs March 16, 2004 BC
Sherwood and Genesis BC recalled due to Power Inflator malfunction November 18, 2003 BC
Kirby Morgan neck clamps on SuperLite-17A/B & U.S. Navy MK-21 Mod. O & Mod. I Helmets August 28, 2003 Dive Helmet
UWATEC Recalls Smart PRO and Smart COM Dive Computers July 17, 2003 Dive Computer    
OMS announces recall of Surface Marker Buoys
July 5, 2003 Surface Marker Buoy    
Zeagle Regulator High Pressure Seat Recall May 21, 2003 Regulator    
UWATEC AG Recall of 1995 Aladin Air X NitrOx Dive Computers February 5, 2003 Dive Computer    
PADI recalls Recreational Dive Planner February 5, 2003 Decompression Tables    
Oceanic CDX Regulators Recalled December 3, 2002 Regulator    
***NOT A RECALL*** Luxfer exchanges 6351 alloy tanks October 22, 2002 Dive Tank    
Kirby Morgan issues safety notice for correct orientation of "Oral Nasal Body" September 9, 2002 Helmets & Band Masks
SOSpenders automatic inflation malfunction August 13, 2002 PFDs
SCUBAPRO/UWATEC™ Dive Computer Consoles Recalled by Johnson Outdoors Inc. July 18, 2002 Dive Computer    
Abysmal Diving issues Safety Notice on Tank Valves July 15, 2002 Tank Valves    
Maximus Regulators Recalled by Sherwood SCUBA April 30, 2002 Regulator    
Custom Buoyancy Inc. Recalls BC Relief Valves (Rip Tide, DUI, OMS, Stearn Machines) January 30, 2002 BC    
Diving Unlimited International Recalls Scuba Diving Devices (Relief Valves on BCs) December 19, 2001 BC    
Recall of Apeks ATX Regulators November 11, 2001 Regulator    
Halcyon Recalls Rubber Handwheels on Manifold #64.100.300 August 15, 2001 Valve Handwheel    
Trelleborg Viking recalls Rotating Intake Valves July 10, 2001 Dry Suit Valve    
OMS Part Number V 112 June 6, 2001 Cap    
Dacor Recalls Supreme SPG or SPG console due to HP hose leak June 21, 2001 HP Hose    
Buoyancy Compensators Recalled by Sheico PKS Inc. (Sherwood, Genesis and Aeris BCs) May 3, 2001 BC    
Atomic Aquatics Recalls Regulators B1, T1, T1x and Z1 Models April 18, 2001 Regulator    
Underwater Strobes Recalled by Sea & Sea Underwater Photography November 16, 1999 Camera Strobe    
Kirby Morgan SuperLite 17A/B Neck Clamp Assembly May 11, 1999 Dive Helmet
Oxygen Regulators by Allied Healthcare Products (Distributed by DAN) February 4, 1999 Oxygen Regulator    
Underwater Flash Units Recalled by Nikon October 10, 1998 Camera Strobe    
Buoyancy Compensators Recalled by Durapro Systems June 16, 1998 BC    
Guardian Dive Computers Recalled by Mares America October 15, 1997 Dive Computer    
Dive Masks Recall by Kmart (Healthways) September 15, 1997 Dive Computer    
Scubapro G500 Second Stage Regulators Recalled July 2, 1997 Regulator    
Underwater Batteries Recalled by Light & Motion November 27, 1996 Camera Strobe    
Air Inlet Hose Recalled by Trelleborg Viking January 24, 1996 Dry Suit Hose    
Scuba Diving Tank Valve Caps Recalled by Trident November 15, 1995 DIN Cap    
Dry Suit AC Valve Recalled by DUI June 20, 1988 Dry Suit Valve    
Scuba Regulators Recalled by Under Sea October 1, 1979 Regulator    
Scuba Regulators Recalled by Under Sea Industries (Scubapro & Pilot Regulators) June 23, 1977 Regulator    
Scuba Regulators Replaced by Parkway Fabricators (Posiedon Cyklon 300 Regulators) December 27, 1977 Regulator    
Scuba Regulators Recalled by U.S. Divers December 9, 1977 Regulator